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Swedish Massage (Relaxation)

(60 MIN - $70; 90 MIN - $90) Full Body relaxation of soft or firm long, rhythmic, and tapping strokes and glides that restores blood flow throughout the body and back to the heart and improve joint flexibility. It is a classic massage that will ease your stress and allow you to slip into a calm state of relaxation

Deep Tissue Massage

(60 MIN - $75; 90 MIN - $95) A slow firm pressure to reach the deeper layers of muscle and fascia which is the connective tissue surrounding the muscle. Designed to remove severe tension, this technique is used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface. It helps to improve range of motion and heal injuries below the surface.

Contemporary Cupping Therapy

OFFICE (30 MIN - $70; 60 - $90)A method of alternative healing using silicone, plastic, or glasscups that create a suction (decompression) on a localized areaof the body. Also a form of deep tissue. Usually scheduled in a series for the best results. 

Add Ons

Aroma Therapy - $5; Massage Cupping - $10; Rapid Relief Tool - $10 

Chair Massage

$80 per hr - A seated massage that mainly focus on the Head, Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Hands,  and Back. Great for small or large groups, events, and parties. Each massage session ranging from 5 - 15 minutes each. 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

(30 MIN- $50; 60 MIN - $70) Light and gentle massage that helps activate lymph fluid circulation through the body. It promotes tissue regeneration like scars, stimulate the immune system(preventive), prepare and cleanse the body pre-surgery, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing post-surgery.

Sports Massage 

(30 min - $55; 60min - $75) Sports massage uses a variety of massage techniques designed to help your body feel freer and stronger. It is particularly great for those with active lifestyles. It can be used to improve performance, speed recovery, and can be used by individuals who participate in any athletic and/or exercise program to help improve conditioning and maintain peak performance




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